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Archived Webinars – Just SEW It


View videos of recently presented Just SEW It Webinars. If you are new to sewing, returning to sewing or just want to sharpen your basic sewing skills, explore a variety of sewing techniques in our Just SEW It Webinars! These links will be available until August 2014.

Archived Webinars – Just SEW ItView Webinar: Stitch Manipulations
•  Go to eBook: Stitch Manipulations
•  Go to Lesson: The Best of Stitch Recipes

View Webinar: Zipped Together
•  Go to eBook: Zipper Applications

View Webinar: Solving Sewing Challenges
•  Go to eBook: Solving Sewing Challenges

View Webinar: All Hemmed In
•  Go to eBook: Machine Hemming Techniques

View Webinar: Appliqué Basics
•  Go to eBook: Appliqué Basics

View Webinar: Gather Round
•  Go to eBook: Gathering Techniques

View Webinar: Combination Sewing
•  Go to Project: Infinity Scarf
•  Go to Project: 10 Reasons to Love A serger
•  Go to Project: Baby Ruffles
•  Go to Project: Baby Blanket

View Webinar: Holiday Tablescapes
•  Go to Project: Holiday Runners

View Webinar: Buttonhole Basics
•  Go to Project: Button Bag
•  Go to Project: Button Collectors Quilt
•  Go to Project: Buttonhole Basics

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