BERNINA 8 Series - Stylish Placemat & Napkin

Stylish Placemat and NapkinThe BERNINA 830 & 820 offer a bounty of beautiful decorative stitches along with exclusive sewing features such as Tapering and BERNINA Dual Feed - providing you with the ultimate resources for creative stitch play. Add the Circular Embroidery Attachment to your 8 Series accessory box and create a stylish set of placemats and napkins.
Made with a BERNINA 830

What You'll Need


  • BERNINA 820 or 830 Sewing Machine
  • BERNINA Serger (for napkins)
  • Reverse Pattern Dual Feed Foot #1D
  • Edgestitch Dual Feed Foot #10D
  • Open Embroidery Dual Feed Foot #20D
  • Clear Foot #34C
  • Circular Embroidery Attachment #83

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