BERNINA Netiquette

Non-discrimination is our top priority

BERNINA Netiquette

BERNINA appreciates every fan, follower, author and commentator on Facebook, via Twitter, on the BERNINA Blog, on Flickr or YouTube. Enliven the BERNINA community with praise, suggestions, questions (or even criticism) and connect with BERNINA or other BERNINA fans.

Stick to the facts.

Naturally, you can inform BERNINA if something is not right. If this is the case, we ask that you stick to the facts. BERNINA will respond to your request as quickly as possible.

Please be tolerant.

Fans' statements about products and projects can be as varied as the Bernina product range. And they do not necessarily reflect the views of BERNINA. If you hold different opinions from other people: Respect their opinions and discuss them with grace and objectivity.

Do not discriminate.

BERNINA does not tolerate racist, discriminatory, obscene, pornographic, threatening, abusive, derogatory, defamatory, misleading or unlawful content. By anyone against anyone.

Keep it legal. Do not breach any copyrights.

Please publish only content that you have created or to which you have explicit rights. Please also remember to respect the personal rights of others which may appear in your posts. Before publication, obtain the consent of the person shown or mentioned. 

Be principled. No unauthorized advertising.

It is forbidden to use any of the BERNINA communication channels to directly or indirectly advertise third party products or services.

We're staying tuned.

Specifically: BERNINA will not delete any content, unless it is in violation of the above rules. Those who repeatedly fail to comply will have their user profiles blocked in BERNINA's social media channels.
BERNINA is happy to receive your praise, questions, suggestions and criticism on social media activities via e-mail at