Tulle skirt

Size as per your own measurements

  •   One bought tulle skirt with several layers
  •   Black tulle – amount depends on skirt circumference (see ‘Cutting out’)
  •   Black lace tape – amount depends on skirt circumference (see ‘Cutting out’)
  •   BERNINA 3 Series
Cutting out:
Seam allowances of 1 cm are already included.
Measure hem circumference of bottom skirt panel = final hem circumference.
Measure height of bottom skirt panel and add 3 cm to it = final height.
From the black tulle, cut out and sew together enough strips in the final height to yield the final length.
Sew tulle strips:
  1. Sew together all tulle strips at the short edge and close into a ring.
  2. Sew lace tape onto bottom edge of tulle.
  3. Topstitch the top edge of the tulle with a maximum stitch length. Begin again approx. every 2 m, taking care not to cut thread too short.  Knot off all lower threads together, and pulling evenly at the top thread, gather the tulle ring until the desired circumference is reached. Sew tulle strip to wrong side of top edge of bottom skirt panel.

Blazer skirt

Size as per your own measurements

  •   One discarded ladies’ blazer (we used size 36)
  •   Elastic, 1 cm wide, in length of waist circumference
  •   Lace tape
  •   Remnant of black tulle
  •   Sew-on rhinestones, black
  •   0.55 m satin ribbon, 4 cm wide
  •   2 D-rings, 3.5 cm wide
  •   Coverable button, diameter as per buttonhole size
  •   BERNINA 3 Series

Prepare blazer for cutting out
1.    Fit dressmaker’s dummy first with the tulle skirt, then the blazer on top. Close bottom button of blazer and drape bottom of blazer as wished.
Indicate side, front, and centre-back with pins. Remove blazer from dummy and spread out flat. Adjust centre-back, waist, and front height. We calculated a height of approx. 32 cm (incl. 4cm seam allowance). Cut blazer apart with 4cm seam allowance at marking. Neaten top edge (= waistband) together with lining.
Pocket embellishment
1.    Embellish pockets as desired. We covered a pocket flap with tulle, sewed rhinestones to the opposite flap and lace tape onto the welted pocket.

Adjust waist
1.    Drape blazer on dummy over tulle skirt and pin two darts in waist at both front and back. Sew darts.

2. Topstitch darts in a contrasting colour with a triple straight stitch. 
3.  If the back slit opening on the blazer is too wide, topstitch it sideways with a contrasting colour 
4. Measure your own waist circumference and cut out a 1-cm-wide piece of elastic about 2 cm shorter than this measurement. Stitch elastic at both ends 3 cm below waistband edge. 

5. Open out left blazer collar towards the centre and use as an underlap. Turn under waistband edge first 1 cm and then 3 cm; press over and sew. Topstitch top edge of waistband approx. 2mm in from the edge also.  
6. Cover coverable button in matching fabric and use to replace the existing button.
7. Attach 1 or 2 press studs in the centre-front, depending upon underlap and overlay width.

Hem embellishment
1.    Baste ruffled lace tape under hem edge and sew on in a contrasting colour with a triple straight stitch.
Sew on satin ribbons
1.    Sew on satin ribbons about 1/3 behind the side seam.  Loop one end through two D-rings and sew in place. Turn other ribbon end under twice and sew. 

sewn on a BERNINA 380

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