My Label – My Reflection

The reflection of your style and your creativity 

My Label 3D Fashion Pattern Software

My Label lets you create a versatile made-to-measure wardrobe that expresses your personal taste and style.

Get creative with BERNINA and My Label – the 3D fashion-pattern software that turns a 3D model into your own reflection!
Design your own collection – stitch by stitch
Once you’ve entered your personal measurements in the software you’ll see the 3D model that’s your “mirror image”. You can now choose your new outfit from the 20 basic styles and dress the model in it by mouse-click.
You’ll find out more about My Label at

3D patterns

Get creative with BERNINA and My Label – the 3D fashion-pattern software that turns a 3D model into your own reflection! 

Style selection

Help with choosing a style, taking your measurements and sewing. The Style Consultant offers help with selecting a style. The on-screen information shows you exactly how and where to measure. 

Sewing instructions

Each style has step-by-step instructions as well as graphics for sewing construction. There’s also an on-screen Sewing Techniques Manual providing instructions for general sewing techniques. Video clips offer helpful tips on the different uses of the presser feet and other accessories for sewing and serging.

Fit indicator

After the 3D simulation of your garment, activate the Fit Indicator to see where the garment is to tight or too loose on the body. You can then adjust the style properties however you wish to alter the fit. 


Choose the color and fabric for your new outfit from the built-in database, or scan your fabric sample yourself and import it into the program. What’s more, a range of decorative stitches, embroidery designs and buttons are available for embellishing your very own My Label pattern. 
Not all models and accessories are available in all countries. We reserve the right to make changes in both features and design.

Important note

In Autumn 2012, Microsoft is planning to launch a new operating system (Windows 8). MyLabel will not be compatible with Windows 8 and will therefore be withdrawn from the market. The patterns and modifications for MyLabel will be available free of charge until the end of 2012 at