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Aurora driver for 64-Bit Windows operating systems

Aurora driver for 64-Bit Windows operating systems

Provide of the aurora sewing machines driver WHQL-certificated for 64-Bit Windows® XP / Windows Vista™ / Windows® 7 operating systems.

Short description:

Aurora sewing machine driver WHQL1)-certificated for 64-Bit Windows operating systems.

1) Windows Hardware Quality Labs (WHQL) 

Information in brief:

For computer which are pursued with a 64-Bit Windows XP / VistaTM operating system, a 64-Bit capable driver of the aurora sewing machine is required.

The available aurora driver, on the installation CD-ROM of the BERNINA embroidery software  V5, is only suitable for 32-Bit of Windows XP/VistaTM operating systems and will not recognised on 64-Bit operating systems.

  Driver file Installation instructions
File name aurora_driver_64Bit.exe
(self exctrating file)
File size 1 MB 0.86 MB


So that the aurora sewing machine can also be used with 64-Bit operating systems, BERNINA International AG has the aurora sewing machines driver adapted and WHQL-certified.

System requirements:

  1. The computer is pursued with a 64-Bit of Windows XP / VistaTM operating system
  2. Installed and running embroidery software BERNINA V5.0, one of the following versions:
    - V5.0R (Service Pack 1)
    - V5.0T (German, English and Japanese)
    - V5.0W (Service Pack 2)
  3. You use the aurora sewing machine to embroider
  4. Administrator rights for the Computer

If any one of requirements 1, 2 or 3 does not apply, then you do not need the „aurora driver (64-Bit)"

Instructions for the installation

Take out please from the installation instructions for aurora driver (64 bits), which as a PDF-file is also ready for download.

Please, close all running programmes before installation.
Security warnings during the installation, please confirm with "run".

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