The ergonomic one: a host of accessories and ease of use

Bild: BERNINA 1110D
Bild: BERNINA 1110D


The ergonomic one: a host of accessories and ease of use

BERNINA 1110D – versatile and ergonomic

Serging with maximum ease and comfort

Serging with maximum ease and comfort

Among the advantages of the BERNINA 1110D are its many clever ergonomic functions allowing quick and comfortable overlocking. Take for example the rolled-hem lever, which lets you switch to a rolled-hem stitch with the greatest of ease, without having to change the presser foot or stitch plate. And thanks to the Front Foot Lift system of the BERNINA 1110D, the presser-foot tip can be raised especially high to allow for the precise positioning of thick fabrics or multi-layered projects – a big plus in terms of convenience, and not just when serging hand-knits.

  • Swing-out presser feet for ease of handling

    Swing-out presser feet for ease of handling

    The BERNINA 1110D lets you thread up and change needles in a jiffy: the 1110 D’s presser foot can be swung out to the side, thereby providing unimpeded access to the needle. This patented BERNINA feature ensures that you have enough room to comfortably change the needles and threads, thereby facilitating smooth operation of the machine without long interruptions.
  • Built-in waste catcher

    Built-in waste catcher

    The BERNINA 1110D comes with a built-in waste catcher as standard – just the thing for collecting fabric and thread remnants during the sewing process. In this way, your work surface always remains neat and tidy – just empty the container when convenient. This saves time, since thanks to this clever 1110D accessory, you need no longer interrupt your work to tidy your work surface for your next sewing stint. Simply empty the waste catcher at the end of your sewing session, and that’s that – it doesn’t get much more convenient than this!
  • Effortless threading

    Effortless threading

    The 1110D is equipped with the “lay-in system” developed by BERNINA, which allows for speedy thread change. The thread can be laid in the guides quickly and directly, without complicated maneuvers – and threading the lower looper is child’s play with the BERNINA 1110D’s automatic lower-looper threading system.
  • Differential feed for controlled gathering

    Differential feed for controlled gathering

    The BERNINA 1110D’s differential-feed system allows for infinitely-variable control of the feed, which effectively prevents seam pucker or undersired “waves”, especially when working with fine fabrics and knits. Should you wish to deliberately gather seams, the desired effect can be achieved by simply twisting the appropriate knob. In this way, you determine the degree of gather, quickly and easily – ideal for creative serging.
  • Precise serging even with heavy fabrics

    Precise serging even with heavy fabrics

    The BERNINA 1110D even lets you serge heavy fabrics such as lycra, fleece or sweatshirt fabrics as well as knitwear and hand-knits with speed and precision. Thanks to its sophisticated technical extras such as the Front Foot Lift, rolled-hem lever and differential-feed system, you’ll retain optimal control each step of the way over your sewing project – from the finest synthetics to heavy-gauge knitwear. This versatility makes the BERNINA 1110D the first choice for ambitious serging projects, and puts boundless creativity within your grasp, so warping of the fabric, pucker or unintentional “waves” are things of the past. In this way, the BERNINA 1110D consistently delivers precise results that are plain to see.
  • Quick access to accessories

    Quick access to accessories

    The most common accessories are housed in the BERNINA 1110D’s looper cover for quick access – so you’ll always have everything necessary at your fingertips, neatly arranged and ready-to-hand.