BERNINA Quilt Frame

The Ultimate Quilting Experience

Bild: BERNINA Quilt Frame

BERNINA Quilt Frame

The Ultimate Quilting Experience

BERNINA Quilt Frame - The Ultimate Quilting Experience

Imagine the sense of accomplishment as you complete even your largest quilt projects with ease. The BERNINA Quilt Frame in combination with your favorite machine provides the space to make even the most complex quilting projects achievable. As a leader in the quilting industry, BERNINA knows and understands the features that are most needed and appreciated by quilters around the world. Together with The Grace Company, BERNINA brings you the finest products to fulfil your quilting vision – from start to finish. The BERNINA Quilt Frame opens the door to the ultimate quilting experience. The frame fits a variety of BERNINA models, with the most quilting space being offered on the 8 Series and 7 Series machines respectively.

Bild: BERNINA Quilt Frame

No Basting Required!

The stylized steel construction of the BERNINA Quilt Frame withstands extended use with minimal vibration, owing to the superior track support system, which offers increased frame rigidity. Easily attach the layers of your quilt to the rails with the included Cloth Leaders. Then, simply let the rails and the precision ratchets do all the work in managing the quilt layers. Advance your quilt and tension it with ease using the enclosed precision ratcheting system. Simply turn the ratchet, then release and roll your fabric. The Dual-Track wheel system provides  accuracy, enhanced stitch quality and smoother carriage motion. With oversized precision quality bearings, your carriage will glide effortlessly and roll smoothly, giving you excellent control over the movement of your machine. You can quilt freely and focus on your design.

Bild: BERNINA Quilt Frame

Frame Specifications

5’ frame: W 61” x D 31” (approx. 1.6 x 0.8 m)
7’ frame: W 87” x D 31” (approx. 2.3 x 0.8 m)
10’ frame: W 121” x D 31” (approx. 3.1 x 0.8 m)
12’ frame: W 147” x D 31” (approx. 3.8 x 0.8 m)*

Overall depth of the frame with carriage, rails and QuiltMotion attached measures approximately 42.5" (1.08 m).
It is also recommended to allow approx. 18” of space at the front and back of the quilt frame so that you can choose to quilt from either side of the quilt frame.
Includes the Twist n’ Lock rail system; a quick and easy way to extend the current BERNINA Quilt Frame to 7 feet or 12 feet, respectively.
*12 foot frame requires purchade of optional 2' extension rails

  • Dual-Wheel Design on Front and Back Track

    Dual-Wheel Design on Front and Back Track

    The additional set of dual-wheels provides more stability for smoother carriage movement. The eight precision bearings glide effortlessly across the frame while improving your machine handling.
  • Superior Track Support Design

    Superior Track Support Design

    Independent track extrusions provide precise carriage alignment. An all superior track support design provides increased strength and frame rigidity.
  • Locking Height Adjustable Legs

    Locking Height Adjustable Legs

    The BERNINA Quilt Frame offers a table height, adjustable between 36" and 45", allowing you to find the perfect ergonomic setting for your quilting needs. The "leg lock" system provides added security.
  • Quick-Lift Take-Up Rail

    Quick-Lift Take-Up Rail

    Adjusting your take-up rail has never been so easy. Simply lift the rail and allow the spring-loaded catch to lock at the correct height; a perfect feature for adjusting the thickness of your quilt to the throat space of your machine.
  • Specially Designed Bungee Clamps

    Specially Designed Bungee Clamps

    Experience the ease of clamping your fabric layers with the newly redesigned bungee clamps. Four clamps are included with every frame. Note: The new bungee clamps are also available for existing BERNINA quilt frames.
  • Precision Cloth Leaders

    Precision Cloth Leaders

    High-quality Start-Right Cloth Leaders are printed with a grid to help you accurately align, secure and manage all your quilt layers to the frame.
Bild: BERNINA Quilt Frame

BERNINA QuiltMotion/ QuiltMotion Touch

BERNINA QuiltMotion/ QuiltMotion Touch lets you enter the realm of virtuoso quilting: design, create, save, edit and quilt to the highest standard of precision. Enjoy the benefits of a professional automated quilting system in the comfort of your own home. Quilt your masterpiece with ease, using a computer automated quilting system. QuiltMotion/ QuiltMotion Touch takes your idea from design to reality. 

Discover QuiltMotion