BERNINA Best of Show Winners 2018

The BERNINA Best of Show Award is a prestigious award for each state quilters' Guild annual exhibition. All categories of quilts have the chance to win the overall BERNINA Best of Show as nominated by the judges. A BERNINA sewing machine and rosette proclaiming the entry to be the BERNINA Best of Show for that state is awarded. All BERNINA Best of Show winning quilts are then judged at AQC and the overall winner is awarded the BERNINA National Best of Australia Award. However, if the BERNINA Best of Show winner is not a resident of that particular guild's state, a BERNINA Best of State winner is chosen by the judges to be that state's entry for the BERNINA National Best of Australia Quilt Award for that year.

Blurring the Edges

Australian Capital Territory

Beth and Trevor Reid with 'Blurring the Edges'

The Apprentice by Julie Adamson


Julie Adamson with 'The Apprentice'

Jenny Bowker AO After the Last Sky

New South Wales

Jenny Bowker AO with 'After the Last Sky'

Tracey Bareli A Purple Sensation'

Western Australia

Tracey Bareli with 'A Purple Sensation' 
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