Neroli Henderson

Neroli Henderson

Neroli Henderson is an internationally exhibiting artist from St Kilda, Australia and credits her BERNINA 750QE for making much of her recent work possible. Neroli's art generally focuses on the human condition, particularly our longing, wanting, innermost fears and disconnectedness from society. It explores the lack of total control we often have in our own fate while attempting to transform these feelings into a moment of time that encapsulates beauty.
A graphic designer and art director until a spinal fracture necessitated a career change Neroli found her love of textile art and stitching after attending an AQC in 2006 when she realised you could ‘draw’ with the sewing machine and fuse fabrics together. 
Neroli’s works are often highly detailed, textural mixed media pieces that demand a lot from her sewing machine as it needs to be able to sew a perfect stitch through many layers and on unusual substrates and painted surfaces. The precision and illustrative nature of many of her works shows her design background.
Neroli loves to share her take on modern techniques with others through the many magazine articles she’s authored, teaching workshops and in online tutorials, she is also the group owner of the Facebook Textile Arts group with over 7,000 members and the mission statement: To elevate textile fine art beyond the craft arena into the realm of conventional galleries.

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Neroli's BERNINA Authorised Dealer is Heights Sewing Centre, Geelong

«BERNINA and my dealer both really stand behind their product and allowed me to buy in complete confidence.»

Why a BERNINA 7 series?

  • As my works are often intensively stitched and multi layered I and this machine copes with absolutely no stitching issues or variable tension.
  • In order to do precise and smooth free motion stitches - a huge feature in much of my work - I really need the extra space the 7 series provides, my quilting has improved so much with this feature alone.
  • The side loading bobbin with bobbin case offers the ultimate in adjustable bobbin tension and enables me to sew with very thick threads in the bobbin with ease.
  • The huge bobbin size means I can have way more fun before I need to stop what I’m doing and change the bobbin.
  • It features some seriously beautiful decorative stitches which I’ve used to create phenomenal backgrounds that look difficult but are easy to achieve.
  • I have limited space in my studio and really needed one machine that could do it all - this machine does the most perfect straight free motion stitch i’ve seen on a domestic sewing machine but switches to a 9mm decorative stitch perfectly.
  • BERNINA have simply the best free motion feet - their open toed free motion foot is my 'go to' as it has wonderful visibility, their free motion couching foot is so much fun to use and the closed toe doesn’t get caught when I’m sewing very textured surfaces.
  • The scissor button really works and when you start sewing again there’s no balling up on the back side of the quilt which saves me a whole lot of time but still gives perfect quilting results.
  • The knee lever allows you to quickly jump from one area to another allowing me to spend more time stitching and less quilt wrangling.