Picture: Round embroidery hoops

BERNINA Special sewing accessories

Round embroidery hoops

The Round embroidery hoops from the BERNINA special sewing accessories range makes professional quality free-motion embroidery on fabrics possible with your sewing machine. Hooping the fabric in a round embroidery hoop holds it evenly taut and prevents it from slipping.

What’s more, the hoop stops the fabric from puckering while it is being embroidered. The result: neat, consistent embroidery projects on both thick and thin fabrics. The Round embroidery hoops are available in different sizes to suit the embroidery project in question. A small circular hoop is sufficient for darning fairly small imperfections in clothing or home furnishings, while medium-sized and large models are ideal for eyelet embroidery and free-hand embroidery designs and motifs.

Discover the BERNINA Round embroidery hoops now, and use them to create attractive free-motion embroidery and neat repairs.

Not all models and accessories are available in all countries. We reserve the right to make changes in both features and design.