FAQ: Update for B 880 & B 790

Can I update my B 790 from any software version?

Yes, with the B 790 you can just run the latest update. Click here, to download the B 790 firmware.

Can I update my B 880 from any software version?

No, for the B 880 you have to check, if your bootloader is up to date before installing the latest firmware.

Picture: FAQ Update

Bootloader version is up to date

If your bootloader has version 02.06.34 (see print screen of the UPDATE menu) then you can directly install the firmware. Click here to download the latest firmware.

Bootloader version is out-dated

If your bootloader has version 02.00.12, then you must update your machine twice. The following steps will guide you through:

  1. Download and install the first firmware V35.10.45 in order to update your bootloader to version 02.06.34. The firmware V35.10.45 can be downloaded here.
  2. After successful installation, verify if your designs have been restored in the machine. If yes, continue with the next step. If no, load the backup folder from the USB stick. For this select the bottom right icon, called “Transfer saved data to machine”.
  3. Delete all content of your USB stick to load the second firmware.
  4. Download the second firmware V37.22.40 and install it as explained in the update video. The latest firmware V37.22.40 can be downloaded here.
If you do not follow the steps, your machine won’t start and a black screen appears. In this case the only solution is to bring your machine to your dealer to fix it.

Where do I find the serial number?

You will find the serial number on the back of your machine. 

Note: After having installed the latest firmware update, your machine will restart and will ask for your serial number. You have to enter your serial number twice. The serial number has eight characters and you will find it on the back of your machine. Make sure that you type in the serial number correctly since it is impossible to change the number after entering. 

Why do I have to unzip the installation file twice?

Due to security reasons you have to unzip the installation file of the firmware update twice. This is necessary for a successful installation.

How do I install the firmware update on my Windows Computer?

Watch our instruction video. The video explains the whole installation process step-by-step.

How do I install the firmware update on my Apple-/Mac Computer?

The firmware installation file is created by a Windows application program. Therefore it doesn’t run easily on the Apple operating system.

To get the firmware installation file on your USB stick, you have two options:

  • If already you have installed a dual boot (bootcamp) system on your Mac, you only need to start the Windows operating system to unlock the firmware.
  • If you want to unzip the firmware directly from the Apple operating system, you can do this via an emulator (http://winebottler.kronenberg.org/ or https://www.playonmac.com).

Why are some embroidery functions disabled?

Due to the architecture of the firmware, upon installation the default of the following functions is set to disabled:

  • Stop for manual thread cutting
  • Centering the embroidery motif
They can be enabled by going to the setup menu.