Lettering Basic


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Lettering Basic


Embroider picture-perfect words and letters

Get started right away and express your creativity in words: with Lettering Basic you can use lettering as a decorative element.

Image: Lettering Basic

Using the six text shapes, you can place the lettering vertically in an arch, in a circle, or simply straight. Rotate, enlarge, reduce, and position the individual letters any way you like. You also have the option of quickly and easily combining any number of designs with the 20 integrated alphabets.

Overview of the most important functions:

  • Edit lettering
  • Combine lettering with embroidery designs
  • Insert text in lower or upper case into an embroidery design
  • Individually change text colors
  • 6 text shapes
  • Choose between bold and normal fonts
  • Layout variations: arch shape, vertical or horizontal
  • Choose your individual font
  • 20 alphabets
  • 100 embroidery designs from the BERNINA cloud

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BERNINA Toolbox Lettering Basic – success right from the start

Even beginners will feel comfortable right away: BERNINA Toolbox Lettering, with its easy-to-use tools, pave the way for successful letter embroidery right from the start.

Overview of embroidery designs

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