Do web sites get the hiccups?

We recently upgraded the software that runs our web site.  As you can expect, web site software is complex and despite several rounds of testing a feature went undetected that was incompatible with the new version. 

For the time being, you may encounter articles and projects in our Experience section that don't display an image and don't allow you to download the project PDF file.

Our development team has identified the issue and is working with the software maker to devise a solution.  We appreciate your patience and apologize for any inconvenience this issue may have caused.  Our goal is to bring you relevant content that is useful to you in your craft and it is with great urgency that we work to resolve this issue.

We will post a follow-up notice here when the issue has been resolved.  Be assured that this issue is merely an internal web software problem and poses no security threat / problem to your computer while visiting our web site.


The Internet Team at Bernina USA