BERNINA PaintWork Software

BERNINA PaintWork Software

Show your colors with imagination

Creativity in three new dimensions

With PaintWork software, individual patterns, motifs, or images can be created and edited which can then be independently painted in with your BERNINA sewing and embroidery machine.  Your imagination knows no limits. To achieve the painted end result, you will need a BERNINA machine capable of embroidery and the PaintWork tool, which you will insert in place of the presser foot. Break the mold and combine your embroideries with PaintWork. You will be amazed at the gorgeous effects you can achieve – whether on garments, accessories, or quilts.

BERNINA DesignWorks is a software set consisting of three modules that can be applied independently of each other. BERNINA DesignWorks supports the personalized creative construction of patterns and forms as well as the editing of completed motifs and designs on your PC. The DesignWorks family includes the modules CutWork, PaintWork, and CrystalWork.

  • Create your own motifs

    Create your own motifs

    The DesignWorks software menu bar offers numerous tools to aid in motif editing and creating individual effects. The clear display makes simple operation possible. A sequence manager indicates the order of the lines and patterns of the motif to be painted. In just a few steps, your idea can turn into a beautifully painted motif.
  • Editing motifs

    Editing motifs

    Rotating, mirroring, duplicating, and placing motifs. Create shapes or fillings and specify the painted embroidery frequency and direction directly on your PC. Unlimited variations in pattern editing are made possible by various functions such as the cloning and shaping. Individual work steps are visualized by using layers so that you can always maintain an overview of the project.
Picture: BERNINA PaintWork Software

Painting with the PaintWork tool

The PaintWork tool is attached in place of the presser foot on an embroidery-capable BERNINA. It is a retainer for textile pens in four different sizes.
The PaintWork motif can be loaded using a USB flash drive in the embroidery machine. Using the embroidery module and the PaintWork tools, the motif can then easily be painted by your BERNINA.
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Are you a proud owner of a BERNINA 830 or a BERNINA 580? In order to use the DesignWorks Software Suite and Tools, you need to install the newest Firmware Update before doing so!
Click here for the B 830 Firmware Update
Click here for the B 580 Firmware Update