Picture: Windows® 10 and Bernina Software

Windows® 10 and BERNINA Software

The following information lists BERNINA software products, which run on the new Windows® 10 operating systems.

Software Compatibility / Operating System Windows 7 Windows 8.1 Windows 10
BERNINA Embroidery Software V7 YES(#2),(#3) YES(#2),(#3) YES(#2),(#3)(#5)
BERNINA ArtLink Software V7 YES YES(#3) YES(#3)
BERNINA Embroidery Software V6 YES NO NO
BERNINA Embroidery SoftwareV5 YES NO NO
BERNINA ArtLink Software V5 YES NO NO
BERNINA ArtDesign Software V1 YES NO NO
BERNINA Border Calculator V1.6 YES YES NO
BERNINA DesignWork Software (Build 7570 / 2012) YES(#4) YES(#4) NO(#6)
BERNINA CutWork Software V1 SP2 YES NO NO
bernette  Customizer Software YES(#4) YES(#4) YES(#4)

    *Please install always the latest Service Packs and Patches for your Embroidery Software www.bernina.com/support

(#1): It contains a conflict in Windows10 with DesignWorks7570 and NVIDIA graphical device  drivers. 

1. Please download the latest driver for your graphics card from the link below:
2. Select Download button from the Automatic update section or  Auto detect your graphics card by selecting Auto-Detect your GPU button.

3. Download the latest driver and install it by following the installation steps.
4. After installing the latest drivers you will be able to run the software normally

PC-Systems with ATI/AMD Graphic Card inside are not affected

(#2) Before install Bernina Embroidery Software, make sure the latest Dongle Driver is installed

(#3) Direct data transfer from Embroidery Software over USB cable does work with listed BERNINA machines:  BERNINA 5 Series / 7 Series / 8 Series / Artista ( RS232 cable) / Aurora. Please make sure, you have installed the latest FIRMWARE on your BERNINA sewing machine.

(#4) Data transfer works over USB-Stick only.

(#5) Graphical Mode issue in BES-V7 after updating to Windows® 10.

(#6) after the Windows 10 Creators Update (1703), the BERNINA DesignWorks cannot be executed anymore. It is recommended, if still possible, to Roll-Back the Windows to the previous version.
For more details, navigate to the dedicated product support page



Additional Information:

BERNINA & Windows® 10

PDC for artista 165 /170 / 180 / 185
The Personal Design Card for the artista 165 /170 / 180 / 185 can now only be read out and in via the appropriate embroidery computers (embroidery module). 
The reader/writer box provided for this purpose can no longer be used.
USB 2.0 PCMCIA reader/writer box 
The Personal Design Card for the artista 200 / 730 can no longer be used directly with the USB 2.0 reader/writer box, since Win 10 no longer supports this reader/writer.

Please Note :

Each computer may be configured differently, and its individual settings may affect how software and hardware attempt to operate on it. There is a chance that unknown problems may arise with your BERNINA embroidery software or hardware on any operating system, especially a brand-new one such as Windows®10. Since Windows®10 is only just being released onto the market, please bear in mind that further investigation may be required in order to respond to and solve your problem.