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Service Pack 2

BERNINA CutWork Software V1 - Service Pack 2

Service Pack 2 for the BERNINA CutWork Software V1

Service Pack 2 for BERNINA Cutwork Software V1 (Release: 5701):

The Service Pack 2 can only be installed to the following existing and operating systems:

  • BERNINA CutWork Software V1 Release 4252 (only English)
  • BERNINA CutWork Software V1 Release 4648 (German and English)
  • BERNINA CutWork Software V1 Release 4727 (Service Pack1)

This particular information will be found in the BERNINA CutWork Software under: Help – About BERNINA CutWork...

Release Notes for Release 5701

The BERNINA CutWork Software V1 Service Pack 2 includes:
  • Fill stitch in CutWork design removed
  • Grouped objects can't be selected separately
  • CutWork Samples improved
  • Description in the User Manual corrected 
  • Changes since release 4727
  • Changes since release 4648
  • Changes since first Release 4252
  • EConPC version 3.15

Installation Requirements

  • Your computer is Windows® 7 1), Windows Vista™ 1) SP1 (SP2) or Windows® XP SP2 (SP3) operated.
  • An operating BERNINA CutWork Software V1 installed on your Computer.
  • All programs must be closed.
  • Administrator rights for your computer.
  • Before you start with the installation of the Service Pack, please be sure that the Dongle is NOT in an USB-Port.

1) 32-Bit or 64-Bit operating system.

BERNINA CutWork Software V1 - Service Pack installation notes

  1. It searches for the currently installed BERNINA CutWork Software V1 product. If the installation cannot find one of the supported versions of the software, it will display an error message.
  2. Existing files will be replaced or added with files from the Service Pack when a BERNINA CutWork Software V1 product will detected.

A detailed installation manual can be found in the download section of this Information.
Warning: The installation of this service pack is only suitable and helpful for the above-mentioned software product. If the said software product is NOT installed on the computer, the installation of the service pack can lead to unknown problems!

Windows® 8

BERNINA CutWork Software V1 SP 2 doesn’t work with Windows® 8.
The following problems arise: Dongle driver is not Windows® 8-compatible.
BERNINA CutWork Software V1 is not being adapted for Windows® 8. Update your BERNINA CutWork Software V1 for DesignWorks. By purchasing a CrystalWork or PaintWork software code, you’ll automatically receive access to DesignWorks CutWork at no additional cost.