Japanese-style wraparound dress

Difficulty level Beginner
Time to Complete Weekend


Picture: Japanese-style wraparound dress
Picture: Japanese-style wraparound dress

Japanese-style wraparound dress

Sizes 34 - 44


  • 330 cm printed silk fabric, 140 cm wide
  • Lightweight iron-on interfacing
  • Tear away embroidery stabiliser
  • Matching sewing thread
  • Embroidery thread in contrasting colour for belt embellishment
  • BERNINA 780

Cutting out:

Seam allowances not included please add 3cm for the hem and 1.5 cm elsewhere.

  1. 1 x right-front section
  2. 1 x right-front facing
  3. 1 x left-front section
  4. 1 x left-front facing
  5. 2 x front neckline facing
  6. 1 x back to fabric fold
  7. 1 x back neckline facing to fabric fold
  8. 2 x sleeve
  9. 2 x belt


Iron on interfacing to facings and belt and let cool thoroughly. Neaten all edges.
Close bust darts on front sections and press down. Close side seams, leaving a slit open on the right side for pulling through the belt, as marked on the pattern. Press seam allowances apart.
Close shoulder darts on sleeves and press seam allowances back. Close sleeve seams and press seam allowances apart. Turn pieces and sew raglan sleeves right sides facing to armholes of front and back sections.
Place embroidery stabiliser under belt. Select decorative stitch no. 1702 on the machine (only available on the B 780) and embellish the belt in the centre along its entire length. Carefully tear away embroidery stabiliser. Sew belt together lengthways with right sides facing. Close one end on each belt; here, the seam meets up with the midline of the decorative stitches.
Pin the opposite, open belt end to the front section as marked on the pattern; belt is pointing into the kimono. Sew together neckline facings and sew to front facings. Press seam allowances apart. Sew facing right sides together all around to front edges and around the neck curve, sewing-in both belts as you do so.
Edgestitch seam allowances on the facing. Press front edge. Turn under sleeve edge and lower skirt edge twice and hem.

Picture: Japanese-style wraparound dress

Designer Kazu Huggler

We are pleased to announce our partnership with Kazu Huggler. Belonging to a new generation of international fashion designers, she lives in Zurich, where she owns her own shop and fashion label, «KAZU». The daughter of a Japanese mother and a Swiss father, she grew up in Japan and Switzerland. Her designs are mostly inspired by traditional Japanese culture. For the launch of the 7 Series, Kazu Huggler created an exclusive dress. The cut is inspired by the traditional Japanese kimono.

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