Picture: BERNINA 7 Series bobbin case

BERNINA Special sewing accessories

BERNINA 7 Series bobbin case

The BERNINA bobbin case is available in four different versions, with each model being
recognizable as follows: the black-latch bobbin case, specially designed for CB (oscillating)
hook machines, and used with thick bobbin threads such as cordonnet threads; the embroidery
bobbin case for use in conjunction with the BERNINA embroidery module, suitable for
rotary-hook systems and recognizable by its gold latch and additional tension spring; and the
third and fourth versions, BERNINA’s universal bobbin case (with latch lever)  – the former,
for use with a CB (oscillating) hook, and the latter for use with a rotary hook system. The red
bobbin case is intended for use with the BERNINA 7 Series and is used for heavier lower
threads such as cordonnet threads.

These bobbin cases are genuine all-rounders and ideal for all the usual sewing projects.

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Not all models and accessories are available in all countries. We reserve the right to make changes in both features and design.