Zipper Pansy Pin


Picture: ZipperFlowers

Make a sweet pansy pin using designer zippers from Ghee’s. Easy to construct, this floral accent is a perfect embellishment for any season. Feature one or several on a lapel, handbag or headband. Decorate a hat, belt, or shoes. Make other unique jewelry like a necklace or bracelet.


  1. Cut bottom stop from both zippers, separate the zippers and set the zipper pull aside for another use.
  2. Using one side of each zipper, make a gathering stitch along the length of the zipper tape ¼” from tape edge with needle and thread or by sewing machine. Repeat with all the zipper tapes.
  3. To make larger petals, pull gathering stitches up loosely on one tape. Coil into 3 large petals.
  4. Arrange large petals on outer edge of backing circle. Glue in place. For center petals, pull gathering stitches tightly and arrange coils to fit into center of large petals, hiding tape end.
    Trim off zipper tape if you have too many center petal coils. Glue onto center of larger petals. Repeat for second pansy pin.
  5. Remove any gathering stitches that show. Glue or sew bugle beads and small crystals or seed beads to the center of the pansy.
  6. Sew or glue pin back to pansy backing.