Pincushion Project

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Picture: Pincushion Project
Picture: Pincushion Project

Make this handy pin cushion, to keep conveniently alongside your sewing machine.


  1. Decorate the 4 small fabric squares with fancy stitching.
  2. Join the squares by ‘butting up’ the edges and stitchtogether with a Zigzag stitch using the Edgestitch Foot
  3. #10/10C. (Picture A)Seam all the squares together to create a 4-patch block.
  4. Straighten the edges of the block, using a Rotary Cutter. (Picture B)
  5. Add some interest to the seam area by covering the seams with a contrast strip of wool with wavy cut edges. Use your Wavy Rotary Cutter to cut 2 strips 13mm wide and long enough to fit across the 4-patch block.
  6. Attach Clear Embroidery Foot #39/39C, insert the Double Needle and select the Zigzag stitch. Set the width and length as desired. (SW 5.5mm / SL 3mm was used in Picture C) Stitch as shown.
    Note: Remember you are working with a Double Needle and the Stitch Width must be limited. If your machine model has a Double Needle Limitation or Security Programme Function, engage it for a 3.0 Double Needle.
  7. Now that the patchwork fabric is created, it’s time to add a backing to it to complete the pin
    cushion. Place the 200mm square of wool behind the patchwork piece. The backing fabric will
    extend beyond the patchwork. Cut 4 x 200mm ribbon strips to cover the raw edges of the
  8. Attach Walking Foot #50 (use the Open Sole for great visibility of the ribbon edges). Edgestitch the ribbons in place over the raw edges of patchwork. Stitch 3 ribbons in place as shown. (Picture D)
  9. From the remaining open side, fill the pincushion with either batting or loose polyester filling. Pin
    the edge closed and attach the remaining ribbon strip to cover it.
  10. Using a Wavy Rotary Cutter, neaten the edges of the wool backing.
  11. Insert pins and loose needles. Enjoy your creation and/or give it as a gift.

Step 1
Decorate the 4 small fabric squares with fancy stitching.