Picture: BERNINA CutWork


Discover new creative horizons with BERNINA CutWork

BERNINA CutWork – cutting with your embroidery machine

The BERNINA CutWork Accessory transforms your BERNINA embroidery machine into a precision cutting tool which lets you create appliqués, quilting designs, and much more with the greatest of ease.

Outline Shape function

BERNINA CutWork software enables you to create your own designs and patterns, specify size and colors, define outlines, and much more. Like a graphics program, the CutWork software works via a graphic user interface: menu bars and icons allow quick access to all design functions, and you can easily view, alter and edit your personally created motif. BERNINA CutWork software makes it a breeze to design your own appliqués, quilt patterns, templates, and much more – a software tool that expands your BERNINA embroidery machine’s range of features by a whole host of design options, and places exciting creative techniques at your fingertips. 

Clone function

The BERNINA CutWork software lets you duplicate (clone) your personally designed motifs on your PC screen, producing as many identical repetitions of your design as you wish. You’ll be able to create enchanting patterns and embellishments in the blink of an eye, which you can then sew or embroider precisely with your BERNINA embroidery machine and cut out accurately with the included CutWork accessory.  The CutWork software features practical tools enabling your designs to be precisely aligned and arranged – randomly, or in a circle or square, exactly as the mood takes you. In this way, the BERNINA CutWork tool opens up brand-new options for embellishing garments or home-dec, and realizing your creative ambitions.

Sequence function

Like many professional graphics programs, BERNINA CutWork software has a sequence function that depicts various elements of the design one on top of the other and enables the design of individual layers without altering the other layers. But CutWork can do even more. In the Sequence Manager, you not only specify the sequence of the individual elements of your design, but also the order in which they are embroidered and cut out. This means that BERNINA CutWork software offers you maximum control and precision in the execution of your design, with the work window showing you exactly what your design will look like when finished, while at the same time letting you resize it as wished. You edit individual details with precision and your design is displayed in an overview that allows you to judge the overall effect – ideal for artistically demanding motifs where you don’t want to leave anything to chance.

Import designs via webcam

BERNINA CutWork software even makes it possible to import your own freehand drawings via webcam into the program window, where they are then converted into CutWork designs. This feature is ideal for sewers and embroiderers who are used to drawing their designs on paper rather than on their PCs. BERNINA CutWork software analyzes the data from the webcam and converts it into graphic elements which you can then edit as in a graphics program – making corrections, altering proportions, specifying colors and line thicknesses, and much more. And thanks to the practical Clone function, you can reproduce your drawn design as often as you wish and position it precisely. This import feature means that BERNINA CutWork software literally places no limits on your creativity, giving you a completely free hand as to how to turn your designs into finished projects.

Unlimited uses

BERNINA CutWork is suitable for a host of textile projects: the CutWork software lets you create any number of shapes for craft projects, appliqués, attractive motifs for home-dec projects, templates, and much more. Quilters will appreciate the options that BERNINA CutWork offers them with the exact reproduction of motifs and shapes, for instance when piecing. Even rubber stamps can be fashioned with the BERNINA CutWork tool, which also lets you produce Richelieu embroidery, Battenburg lace, open-work designs and eyelet embroidery according to your own personal taste. The ideal precision tool for your very own individual creative masterpieces!

Not all models and accessories are available in all countries. We reserve the right to make changes in both features and design.