Picture: Chainstitch foot

BERNINA Special accessories for sergers

Chainstitch foot

The Chainstitch foot can be used to stitch together individual pieces of fabric with a high-quality chainstitch seam. The needle penetrates to the left and right of an imaginary line, forming a loop. The finished seam resembles a chain. The presser foot glides smoothly over the seam thus created,  affording a perfect view of the work area at all times. Your project can be guided precisely, and is fed smoothly. This makes for enjoyable, hassle-free sewing. The chainstitch is not only highly decorative, but is especially elastic as well, which makes the seam extremely durable. It’s also an impressive decorative seam which you can use to create an attractive focal point. Order the practical Chainstitch foot, and start embellishing bedspreads or cushion covers now!

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