Picture: 10 Years BSR - Luca Zagliani

From Italy

The flower stitches t-shirt

Picture: 10 Years BSR - Luca Zagliani


  • t-shirt white (S-M-L)
  • thin wool felt (4 colors) – pre-washing may be necessary
  • stabilizer – tear away
  • adhesive spray
  • scissors
  • freezer paper
  • marker pen
  • bobbin fil white and black
  • embroidery needle 75/11 – 90/14
  • threads 6 colors type – 100% Polyester 40
  • threads black cotton 50
  • pins


  1. Prepare the T-shirt for embroidery by putting stabilizer (Tear Away) on the wrong side of the front, fixing it in place with adhesive spray.
  2. Transfer pattern on the fabric with a copying pencil or Marker pen.
  3. Transfer on freezer paper the shapes of parts in wool felt.
  4. Iron them on the cloth and cut flush with the paper pattern.
  5. Remove freezer paper.
  6. Place the felt pieces on the front of the T-shirt and fasten with pins.
  7. Prepare two bobbins with black and white Bobbin Fil.
  8. Thread the machine with black cotton (upper thread) and the black bobbin.
  9. Insert embroidery needle No. 75.
  10. Put on the BSR and set it to  BSR 2 - Stitch length 2.00 – Pressure  2/3 –Thread tension 3 – Clear sole –  Feed dogs down.
  11. Start with the free motion of all areas with black yarn, fixing also some areas of the felt parts.
  12. Change BSR sole – put on open metal sole.
  13. Change thread to 100% Polyester 40 – Insert embroidery needle No. 90.
  14. Play with thread colors, placing in the bobbin the white thread (Bobbin Fil) and threading the machine with the color of your choice
  15. Continue to stitch in free motion, have fun with the BSR.
  16. Use this also the zig-zag mode, to fix the edges of the felt parts.
  17. Finish the design passing at least twice over every seam without paying much attention, because with the BSR it is so easy to follow every design.

What I love about BSR

  1. Regular stitch length
  2. Ease of use including ease of management of movement and space
  3. Possibility to use BSR 1 and BSR 2 with or without foot control
  4. Precise stitching of traced patterns
  5. Ability to run with regularity in free motion also zig-zag.
  6. Different types of presser foot soles: Closed metal – Open Metal – Clear


  • Reduce the presser foot pressure for easier movement of the fabric.
  • When doing appliqué with BSR and straight stitch, stitch around each shape a minimum of 2 times to ensure it is secure.

Picture: 10 Years BSR - Luca Zagliani

Luca Zagliani - Italy

I consider the BSR a useful accessory that only Bernina could give me. When I started in the world of quilting I acquired (thanks to my first BSR) very quickly a security with free motion quilting, which has enabled me to achieve important goals in my life.