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If you are new to sewing, returning to sewing or just want to sharpen your basic sewing skills, explore a variety of sewing techniques in our Just SEW It Webinars!

Please note: the webinar landing page for an archived webinar displays the original live presentation date. Simply complete the registration information to access the webinar recording.

View Webinar: Crafting Fun
•  Go to eBook: Crafting Fun

View Webinar: Better Binding Methods
•  Go to eBook: Binding Techniques

View Webinar: Mixed Media Stitching
•  Go to eBook: Mixed Media Stitching

View Webinar: Everyday Heirloom Sewing
•  Go to eBook: Everyday Heirloom Sewing

View Webinar: Roundabout Sewing
•  Go to eBook: Sewing Circles

View Webinar: Piping Fundamentals
•  Go to eBook: Piping Fundamentals

View Webinar: ABCs of Couching
•  Go to eBook: ABCs of Couching

View Webinar: Tiny Tucks
•  Go to eBook: Pintuck Primer

View Webinar: Stitch Manipulations
•  Go to eBook: Stitch Manipulations

View Webinar: Zipped Together
•  Go to eBook: Zipper Applications

View Webinar: Solving Sewing Challenges
•  Go to eBook: Solving Sewing Challenges

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