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Archived Webinars

View recordings of the Quilt-as-Desired Webinars to take a look at ideas and inspiration for getting those quilt tops quilted.

Please note: the webinar landing page for an archived webinar displays the original live presentation date. Simply complete the registration information to access the webinar recording.

View Webinar: Explore Quilting Rulers

View Webinar: Dividing A Quilt Top

View Webinar: QuiltMotion Touch - Block Placement
•  Go To Lesson: QuiltMotion Software - Basic Placement Methods

View Webinar: Thread, Needles and Batting, Oh My!

View Webinar: QuiltMotion Touch - PantoStacker
•  Go To Lesson: PantoStacker

View Webinar: Free-motion Quilting

View Webinar: Quilt Frame Basics
•  Go To Lesson: Quilt Frame Basics

View Webinar: Back to Basics

View Webinar: Quilted Messages
•  Go To Lesson: QuiltMotion Touch Quilted Messages

View Webinar: Stack It Up
•  Go To Lesson: QuiltMotion Touch PantoStacker

View Webinar: Lining Up Patterns & More
•  Go To Lesson: QuiltMotion Touch Font Stitcher

View Webinar: Keeping It Straight
•  Go To Project: Straight Line Sampler Pillow
•  Go To Project: QuiltMotion Touch - Crosshatch Designs

View Webinar: Creative Options for Quilt Designs

View Webinar: Quilting Large Blocks
•  Go To Project: QuiltMotion Touch - Virtual Long Arm - Table Runner

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