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Archived Webinars

View recordings of the Through the Needle LIVE Webinars. Celebrate the best of Through the Needle magazine webinar-style as you explore a variety of creative techniques.

Please note: the webinar landing page for an archived webinar displays the original live presentation date. Simply complete the registration information to access the webinar recording.

View Webinar: Fun with DesignWorks
•  Go to Project: Fun with DesignWorks

View Webinar: Bindings – Edgy Hexagons Quilt
•  Go to Project: Edgy Hexagons Quilt

View Webinar: BERNINA Stitch Regulator Revisited
•  Go to Project: BSR Blooming Bags

View Webinar: BERNINA 880 Embroidery - Shaping
•  Go to Project: Mod Zip Bag

View Webinar: DesignWorks Software Suite - Lettering
•  Go to Project: DesignWorks Lettering - Have It Your Way

View Webinar: BERNINA 880 - Stitches that GO!
•  Go to Project: Indigo Cocktails

View Webinar: BERNINA Embroidery Software 7 - Portfolio
•  Go to Lesson: BERNINA Embroidery Software 7 - Portfolio Application

View Webinar: Modern Appliqué
•  Go to Project: Whatever Bag

View Webinar: Exploring Circles
•  Go to Project: Circle of Courage Quilt

View Webinar: Sashiko
•  Go to Project: Sashiko Style Sampler

View Webinar: Quilting with Decorative Stitches
•  Go to Project: Quilting with Decorative Stitches - Zip Pouch

View Webinar: Embroidery on Unusual Materials
•  Go to Project: In the Hoop Card Holder

View Webinar: Running with Blackwork
•  Go to Project: Running with Blackwork

View Webinar: Endlessly Ecstatic
•  Go to Project: Lingerie Luxury

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