Just SEW It - eBook: The ABCs of Couching

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Just SEW It - eBook: The ABCs of Couching

Embellish It!

A simple way to add color and texture to the surface of fabrics, couching started as a hand sewing technique that stitches cord and fibers to fabric. Adapted to machine sewing, it is one of the most versatile embellishment methods available because of the limitless combinations of fabric, fibers, stitches and colors.
Simple Couching
Sewing a zigzag stitch over a single cord is a good starting place because it is the simplest couching technique—perfect for the beginning sewer.
Flat Couching
Cording Feet #22 and #25 are designed to hold narrow cords side-by-side to create a flat, narrow, braid-like embellishment. 
Narrow Cord Couching
A subtle line of narrow cord adds an understated embellishment to any project.
Couched Edge
Put the finishing touch on edges of jackets, bags, purses, and book covers using this simple method of attaching cord with  a zigzag stitch.
Freemotion Couching
Couch 2mm cording in any direction, forming your own design or motif using Free-motion Couching Foot #43.