Just SEW It - eBook: Pintuck Primer

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Just SEW It - eBook: Pintuck Primer

Tiny Tucks!

Create beautiful texture on any fabric from denim to batiste by stitching raised tucks using a pintuck foot and a double needle. Pintucks can be made with or without a filler cord, depending on the fabric and the look desired. Once the machine is threaded with two spools of thread for a double needle, the sewing is simple. Just stitch as always and the foot will do the work.
Pintuck Presser Feet Options
Learn about the different types of pintuck presser feet and how they are used.
Corded Pintucks
Cording offers structure and body to pintucks. See tips for insertion.
Pintucks & Stitches
Learn how to combine pintucks and decorative stitches to create beautiful accents for custom-made projects using BERNINA Pintuck and Decorative Stitch Foot #46C.
Shaped Pintucks
Traditional pintucks are usually stitched in straight lines, but can be stitched on the curve for unique effects.
Shadow Pintucks
See how to combine a sheer fabric with a colored filler cord to create shadow pintucks.