Just SEW It - eBook: Piping Fundamentals

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Just SEW It - eBook: Piping Fundamentals

Define the Edge!

From couture fashion to designer decor, piping defines seams and edges with added panache. Learn the ins and outs of presser feet, filler cords, and stitching techniques used to make piping for any or all of your projects.
Three-step Piping
Learn to cover a filler cord with a fabric of choice to make and then insert piping for a custom finish.
Piping Curves and Corners
Learn tips for adding piping to shaped seams and edges.
Mini Piping
Great for children’s clothing, learn techniques for adding a subtle piped edge to projects.
Jumbo Piping
Add a designer decorator touch to home décor projects with jumbo piping inserted in pillow edges and more. Learn which presser foot provides professional results.