Brigit Aubeso, the textile artist from Catalonia

Brigit Aubeso, the textile artist from Catalonia

Brigit is with all the passion and her Spanish influence completely here.


«Mixing techniques, mixing materials and ideas realized with my favourite tool, a BERNINA sewing machine, which gives me stability and security to do my works thanks to it's great precision and ease of use.»

Brigit's biography

After having worked for more than 8 years in a sewing machine store, she started to work in a Patchwork Shop. In this moment, she really discovered Patchwork and she fell in love with it.

Later, she participated in numerous national contests where she won several prizes. In 2012 she entered a quilt to Houston International Quilt Festival. She won the first prize in the category "portray" with her work ”fer-te feliç” (engl."Make you happy").

Patchwork is her life since approximately 5 years now.

Brigit's classes and workshops are broadcast all over Spain, where she also teaches.
Without a specific style, she studys and learns all what this world reveals to us. 
"Mixing is the base of my work.", she says.

Currently, she is working in two facets: graphic-picture Patchwork done by application, always mixed with a new technique and accompanied by machine quilting. And the contempory-experimental facet done with different materials, know-how or techniques, where she takes the interesting part and throws away the rest 
 - Working freely without rules or permissions. - is Brigit's slogan.

Her closing words: "My intention is to express a feeling in my work!"

Picture: Brigit Aubeso

Patchwork figurative

She takes the design of images and photos on material and create so a completely unique and personal quilt.


Brigit Aubeso's other works..

Picture: Brigit Aubeso

Picture: Brigit Aubeso