Exploring Q-matic

Exploring Q-matic

NOV 16 – 19

In this retreat you will construct a small quilt to custom quilt with Q-matic using many of the tools in the Tool Center. You will also learn how to achieve perfect spacing every time when quilting edge-to-edge. Discover the ease of use whether quilting edge-to-edge or creating custom quilted works of art. Everyone will leave this retreat with two quilted projects ready to bind.

-Class begins at 8:30 AM CT each day
-Lunch is from 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM CT each day
-Class ends at 4:00 PM CT each day

Explore the Q Series with Frame with BERNINA Educator, Denise Jones.

-Edge-to-edge layouts
-Trimming the design layout
-Masking an area
-Aligning your layout
-Placing designs with Boundary and Markers
-Much, much more!

DAY 1: 
-Construction of project (working on BERNINA 590 sewing machines)
-Computer training on Q-matic in classroom setting 

DAY 2:
-Training at the Q Series Frame
-Complete exercises in the Q-matic Tool Center

DAY 3:
-E2E (edge-to-edge) designs
-Using Art & Stitch with Q-matic creating a raw ede applique 
-Group dinner at Aspen Lane Wine Company

DAY 4:
-Create a full layout in Q-matic to place designs
-Realign Safe Area

SUPPLY LIST (for students to supply)
-Small scissors for cutting threads
-Paper and pen for note taking

FEE $899

BERNINA Creative Center
3682 Prairie Lake Ct | Aurora, IL 60504