Full on Feathers and Fills Folly with Lisa Calle

Full on Feathers and Fills Folly with Lisa Calle

March 1-2, 2022 | 8:30AM TO 4:00PM Central Time

Do you love the idea of incorporating beautiful feathers into your design, yet feel that achieving such a look is way out of your league? Come on now, banish the shyness of creating feathers. 

Join Lisa as she introduces and demonstrates 6 different feathers. She will remove any timidness you may have and guide you with the assurance needed for placing feather’s into your piece. But it doesn’t stop there. After learning how to expertly execute these feathers you will learn how to accentuate those fabulous feathers with different types of fills. Don’t let fills be an after thought, they can make or break your quilt! Using Lisa’s approach you will be astounded how easy feathers can be to execute, and you will have wished you hadn’t waited so long to overcome your fear of feathers. Moreover, accentuating your feathers will allow your creativity to go wild and bring hours of fun to your craft. The beautiful thing about this class is that it incorporates drawing and stitching which will enable you to find a unique and personal look. This entertaining, hands-on class will have you skipping out the door in excitement. Your friends and customers will be heard WOW’ing over your pieces as they gaze upon your feathers and fills in awe.
You do not need to own a BERNINA to attend this retreat.

Class begins at 8:30 AM CT each day
Lunch is from 12:00 PM–1:00 PM CT each day
Class ends at 4:00 PM CT each day
BERNINA Creative Center
3682 Prairie Lake Ct | Aurora, IL 60504

FEE $449

Supply List (for students to supply)

About Lisa
With a degree in Textile Management and Marketing, Lisa found a love on the“other” side of textiles....the artistic side. Never thinking of herself as creative, everything changed once she drove her first longarm. Along her journey she has produced award winning quilts, DVD’s, the Quilter’s Groove line of templates and found she loves to inspire others. The friendships she has made along her journey are as priceless as her quilts.