Specialty Digitizing

Specialty Digitizing

JUL 19–20

Expand your knowledge of digitizing by learning to digitize specialty types of designs. Learn about embossing, creating fringe, free standing lace, shadow applique, thread velvet, and more.

Learn about embossing, creating fringe, free standing lace, shadow appliqué, thread velvet, and more. 

Attendees must have completed Software Extravaganza, Master My BERNINA Software, Software Infusion, Advanced Software, or On the Road with Software 7 or 8.

The fundamentals of digitizing will be reviewed, but attendees are expected to know how to digitize. 


You must have taken Software Extravaganza, Master My BERNINA Software 7/8, or On the Road with Software 7/8 to take this class. 


  • Class begins at 8:30 AM CT each day
  • Lunch is from 12:00 PM–1:00 PM CT each day
  • Class ends at 4:00 PM CT each day 

FEE $349


BERNINA Creative Center
3682 Prairie Lake Ct | Aurora, IL 60504


  • Laptop with FULL Version Software 8.2 installed (if Software 7, download the trial version of Software 8)
  • Power cord
  • External mouse + mouse pad
  • A second monitor or large iPad/tablet, so you can view the presenter’s screen while working in the software on your other screen
  • Windows 8 or 10 Operating System (Windows 7 and below is not supported in this class)
  • Copies of artwork project you wish to digitize
  • Basic sewing supplies, fabric for stitching out digitizing, stabilizer appropriate for fabric, threads for stitching (only if you wish to test-sew the design you create)