Pennant Garland

Difficulty level Beginner
Time to Complete Evening


Picture: Pennant Garland
Picture: Pennant Garland

Pennant Garland

The size can be adjusted as wished


  • 17 Benartex fabric pieces, 35 x 40 cm each, (fabrics 1-17)
  • ca. 30 diamond A's (see quilt) in various colours
  • 35 x 40 cm natural white fabric (fabric 18)
  • 30 cm polka-dotted (white) light blue fabric (fabric 19)
  • 1 m pale pink satin ribbon, 6 mm wide
  • Binder # 88 for un-prefolded ribbons (38 mm wide)
  • Binder foot # 95
  • BERNINA 750 QE
  • Embroidery module
  • Embroidery stabilizer
  • Machine-embroidery thread and fabric remnants in matching shades for the appliqués

Recommended fabric

Cotton fabrics in various colours and prints

Good to know

Embroider the motifs before cutting out the fabric.

Picture: Pennant Garland

Cutting out

Fabrics 1-18:

  • two pennants of each fabric as per drawing
Fabric 19:
  • 6 strips, 110 x 3.8 cm each


Embroidering the pennants
Use the following motifs to embroider the fabrics as desired:

  • (sweet pennant)
  • (dreams pennant)
  • (crown pennant)
  • (bird pennant)
  • (butterfly quilt pennant)
  • (quilt pennant no. 1)
Sewing the pennants
Cut out the pennants. With right sides facing sew together two pennants of the same colour in each case (fabrics 1 – 17), leaving the top side open for turning. Turn right side out. Sew diamond A's together as desired but in such way that the finished piece is large enough to cut out two pennants. With right sides facing, sew each of the two diamond-pieced pennants together with a pennant of fabric 18, then turn right side out. Neaten all seams well. Press pennants.
Stringing the pennants
Sew one long strip of the strips of fabric 19, joining them with diagonal seams. Press seam allowances apart. Sew the pennants to the strip using the binder, leaving a sufficiently long bit of strip at both ends to serve as ties for hanging the garland up.  
The dimensions given for all cotton fabrics refer to a fabric width of 110 cm.