Divine Flowers Quilt

Difficulty level Intermediate
Time to Complete A week or more


Divine Flowers Quilt

Experience tradition and distinctive design with a self-stitched quilt!

In many countries, sewing a quilt for special occasions is part of family tradition. Unique and personalized designs make this traditional artwork a special and valuable gift.

Lovely flowers and delightful vines enhance this exquisite patchwork silk quilt. Stunning embroidery designs from the Divine Flowers & Vines Embroidery Collection add luxurious detail. The specially-designed tufted velvet embroidery stitches provide a unique effect.

With the BERNINA 830 as your design partner, you can quilt and embroider this simply divine quilt with ease…


Machine & Accessories

  • BERNINA 830
  • BERNINA Embroidery Hoops & Templates - Jumbo, Mega & Large
  • Teardrop Embroidery Foot #26
  • Patchwork Foot #37D or with Guide #57D
  • Reverse Pattern Foot #1D
  • BERNINA Embroidery Software 6 (optional)
Embroidery Collection
  • OESD Divine Flowers & Vines - Crafter’s Collection #1102
  • Designs Selected: BE110210, BE110212, BE110215, BE110222
Fabrics & Stabilizers
  • 16 Assorted Silk Dupioni Fat Quarters - Quilt Top
  • 4 ½” yds Silk Dupioni - Backing & Binding
  • 8 yds ArmoWeft (medium weight soft woven) Fusible Interfacing
  • OESD Ultra Clean & Tear 20”
  • Pink Power Quilt Pattern by Blue Underground or patchwork quilt pattern of choice
  • Low-loft cotton batting, twin size
  • 505 Temporary Spray Adhesive
  • Embroidery Needles, size 80/12
  • Microtex Needles, size 80/12
  • Isacord/Polysheen Embroidery Thread:1565, 4752, 4332, 1761, 3654, 0643, 0722 x 2.
  • Bobbin Thread
  • Thread for quilt construction
  • Thread for basting -contrast color
  • Hand-sewing needle
  • Rotary Cutter, Ruler and Board
  • Target Stickers for embroidery placement
  • Fine craft knife for slashing velvet stitches
  • Master Hooper ® — a life-saver! (optional)

Construct the Quilt

  • Prepare the silk fabric by fusing ArmoWeft interfacing to the back of each fat quarter.
  • Cut out silk following the pattern instructions.
  • Construct the quilt top following the pattern instructions. If using the Pink Power Quilt Pattern, you will not need all of the rectangle units for the 44" x 56" quilt shown here, which is only 16 rows across (it is the same length as the one in the instructions). You can use all of the rectangle units if you desire—your quilt will just be slightly wider than the one shown.


Picture: Divine Flowers Quilt

  • Using a hand-sewing needle, sew a line of long basting stitches through the center of the quilt from top to bottom, then a line through the center from side to side. Next baste from each corner to the center of the quilt. These basting lines will be used as guides for positioning the designs.

Embroider the Quilt

See below for layout details

  • Print templates for these designs:
  • BE110215—five copies
  • BE110210—twelve copies
  • BE110212—eight copies
  • BE110222—four copies


  • Position the templates on the quilt and arrange according to the embroidery layout guide on page 3, or as desired.

TIP: Layout the designs using BERNINA Embroidery Software 6, then print templates of the finished groupings. 

Picture: Divine Flowers Quilt

  • Start the embroidery process with the center wreath. Replace each template with a target sticker.
  • Cut a piece of Ultra Clean & Tear stabilizer large enough to hoop. Spray it with 505 Quilt Basting Spray and affix it to the back of the fabric where the embroidery design will be stitched. Hoop the fabric/stabilizer together in the Jumbo Hoop.

TIP: Use the Master Hooper® as an aid for trouble-free hooping!

  • Use the built-in basting box to baste around each embroidery design before stitching.

Picture: Divine Flowers Quilt

Embroider each design in the center wreath, removing the target sticker before stitching.

  • Remove the hand-basting stitching before embroidering, as it may be difficult to remove later.

    TIP: For the BERNINA 830, change the presser foot height (in the embroidery settings) to 10mm; this allows for the extra height of the "velvet" stitches.

  • Embroider the trailing vines (design BE110210) from the corners toward the center.
  • Embroider the outer ring of eight roses (design BE110212).
  • Embroider the center top, bottom, and side designs.
  • When all embroidery is complete, remove the hand-basting stitches and basting boxes and clip the jump stitches.

Prepare Binding & Backing

  • Cut six 2½”-wide strips for the binding. (Cut the binding along the crosswise grain, not the bias, of the fabric.)
  • Use the remaining fabric for the quilt back. Cut and join the fabric to make a large enough piece for the back. Make sure the back is 2” larger than the quilt top all the way around.
  • Cut the batting the same size as the backing.
  • Layer the quilt back, batting, and top together, adhering the layers together with 505 Temporary Spray Adhesive.
  • Pin baste the layers of the quilt, starting in the middle and working out to the sides.

Quilting in the Hoop

  • To assist in placement, print templates for these designs in BERNINA Embroidery Software Version 6:
  • BEC00704— one copy
  • BEC00737—four copies
  • BEC00731—sixteen copies
  • Position the templates on the quilt and arrange according to the embroidery layout guide on pages 4 & 5, or as desired. Pin templates in place.
  • All the quilting designs are done without any stabilizer and by hooping all 3 layers of the quilt. 
  • Use Isacord #0722 in both the needle and the bobbin for all the quilting designs. Thread the bobbin as you would for regular sewing. Adjust needle tension if needed.
  • Begin with the center motif, then the side motifs, next the diagonal motifs and finally the corner motifs.

All quilting designs line up with the basting lines except the corner quilting designs and the diagonal quilting designs. Layout the diagonal quilting designs as pictured on page 4.
  • Attach the BERNINA Stitch Regulator to the sewing machine. Using Isacord thread color 1352 in the needle and bobbin, stipple quilt the reminder of the quilt.
  • Trim the edges of the quilt as needed, squaring the corners and sides.
  • Sew the binding strips together and bind the quilt using your favorite binding method. 

Picture: Divine Flowers Quilt

  • Carefully slice the “velvet” stitching areas following the instructions included with the Divine Flowers and Vines embroidery collection. 
  • Enjoy your new work of art!

Picture: Divine Flowers Quilt

Quilt Layout Guide - Embroidery & Quilting

Picture: Divine Flowers Quilt

  • Lay out the five rose design BE110215 templates in the center of the quilt until you obtain a nice wreath arrangement.
  • Place three trailing vine design BE110210 templates from one corner toward the center, positioning them over the hand-basting lines. Repeat for the remaining three corners.
  • Arrange the eight rose design BE110212 template around the center wreath.
  • Position two floral motif BE110222 templates   at the center of each side of the quilt.

Quilt Layout Help - Embroidery & Quilting

Picture: Divine Flowers Quilt

*Dimensions always measured from the centre working outwards, except for in the corners, where measurements have been taken from the outside working inwards.
Direction of motif
Centre of motif
Motif mirrored vertically (top/bottom)
23" = 58 cm
15" = 38 cm
7" = 17.5 cm
25.25" = 64 cm
32.25" = 81.5 cm
14.75" = 37 cm
22" = 55.5 cm
14" = 35 cm
15.75" = 40 cm
19.75" = 50 cm
18.25" = 46 cm
4" = 10 cm
12" = 30 cm