Picture: BERNINA Bobbin Work red bobbin case, 7 Series

BERNINA Special sewing accessories

BERNINA Bobbin Work red bobbin case for B 780, B 750 QE, B 710

Five different bobbin cases are available from the BERNINA range. Like the BERNINA
cordonnet bobbin case for CB hook machines, the red BERNINA Bobbin Work bobbin case
for the B 780, B 750 QE and B 710 is used for thick threads, such as cordonnet, that cannot fit through the eye of
a needle.

For ease of use, the thread tension should not be regulated via the bobbin case. All
adjustments are made via the needle thread tension.
Due to its thickness, the thread must be fed carefully through the wire of the bobbin case so
that the wire does not spring out of the mechanism. This is achieved by threading the thread
through the wire using the threader provided or, when pulling the thread through by hand, by
pressing the thread against the case.
The Bobbin Work bobbin case can be filled with various types of thread. It allows you to sew decorative stitches and to free-motion sew using fancy yarns, tapes, metallic or elastic threads.

Order your red BERNINA Bobbin Work bobbin case for the B 780, B 750 QE and B 710 from the BERNINA sewing accessories range now and let yourself be amazed by what it can do.

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