BERNINA 330 SE First Love

Simple handling, high-quality results

BERNINA 330 SE First Love face plate motives
BERNINA 330 SE FirstLove

BERNINA 330 SE First Love

Simple handling, high-quality results

Beautiful sewing with the new B 330 SE FIRST LOVE

This special edition model will make you smile. It is perfect for sewing enthusiasts who want to create amazing things for their loved ones.

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You’ll love it!

The limited edition B 330 First Love is an ideal gift for the best moms in the world. You’ll get quality from the very first stitch with many user friendly features to make your sewing life easier.

This special model is not only attractive but also meticulously engineered to help you sew the widest range of fabrics without a problem. It has 97 stitches including a sewing alphabet and automatic buttonhole. Standard accessories include five presser feet and an invaluable free-arm extension table. A wide range of optional accessories will help you expand your sewing creativity.

  • Threading made easy

    Threading made easy

    Inexperienced sewers in particular often find it difficult to rethread the machine correctly when changing thread. The BERNINA 330 SE First Love’s built-in needle threader saves you time and effort, making thread changes easy and hassle-free and minimizing the risk of error. No complicated thread guiding, no looking-up in the user manual – the BERNINA 330 SE First Love pares down the threading process to the bare essentials and prevents problems before they occur, letting you get back to your sewing project faster and leaving you free to focus entirely on the creative side of things.
  • BERNINA’s automatic buttonhole function Play

    BERNINA’s automatic buttonhole function

    Buttonholes can be a challenge even for experienced sewers and quilters. With the BERNINA 330 SE First Love, you’ll sew perfect buttonholes of the exact same length right from the start – thanks to the automatic buttonhole function. Simply set the desired length and sew; the settings are automatically saved in the BERNINA 330 SE First Love’s memory and are immediately available again for the next buttonhole, however many you sew in a row. The automatic buttonhole function guarantees completely identical buttonholes for instant sewing success. The BERNINA 330 SE First Love provides even novices with an easy introduction to an advanced technique.
  • Bright LED sewing light for greater sewing comfort

    Bright LED sewing light for greater sewing comfort

    The BERNINA 330 SE First Love’s bright LED sewing light lets you achieve precise results and affords you a clear view of your project at all times, even with poor ambient lighting. Particularly during longer sewing sessions, an LED sewing light represents an essential feature, enabling you to sew for long periods without eye fatigue. The BERNINA 330 SE First Love therefore also scores with an ergonomic advantage: – intricate sewing projects can be optimally controlled and the user’s eyes are spared thanks to the even, glare-free illumination of the work area. Here, the neutral light characteristic of the LED sewing light guarantees your ability to judge the color effect of the thread used even while you are sewing, entirely without distortions from external light sources with a color cast, such as neon tubes or lightbulbs. A small detail with a big impact!
30 memory locations for your own stitch combinations

30 memory locations for your own stitch combinations

The BERNINA 330 SE First Love’s broad variety of stitches are an invitation to try out and experiment, letting you create attractive stitch combinations that you’ll want to use again the next time you turn on your machine. Whereas in the past you’d need a notebook to jot down your stitch combinations, the BERNINA 330 SE First Love offers a generous long-term memory with 30 free locations for your own stitch creations. This ensures that your favorite or most frequently used stitch combinations are immediately available again at the press of a button. The BERNINA 330 SE First Love offers an extra touch of luxury missing from many entry-level machines – room for your own creativity. The memory function is also a useful aid when the BERNINA 330 SE First Love is being used as a sewing machine for sewing classes, since it ensures that required stitch combinations are also available again in the next class, exactly as they were saved. This saves time and guarantees identical results.

Picture: BERNINA 330 SE First Love

More than a faceplate

The exclusive faceplate supports the Quilts for Kids mission as well as $20,000 of the portion of sales will be donated by BERNINA. In-store events were also held by BERNINA Dealers in which communities came together to make quilts for children in need. 
Quilts for Kids is a non-profit organization that transforms discontinued and unwanted fabrics into quilts to comfort children in need. These are children from all over the world who suffer from life-threatening illnesses, abuse, poverty and so much more.


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