BERNINA Toolbox. Creative embroidery made easy.

Create and edit embroidery designs, letterings and monograms where and whenever you want. Our intuitive software can be easily used by new or occasional embroiderers.

Want to let your embroidery creativity run free? Now, right away? Great – you can get started with a PC, Mac® or even on the go with your tablet. Even if you don't have a lot of experience, you will be able to create delightful embroidery designs right away with the new BERNINA Toolbox. You can edit designs, add and change lettering, or create monograms. Select the desired software module and enjoy your new design freedom from the get-go!

one price - all the functions
Temptingly affordable: the BERNINA Toolbox Bundle
Our innovative software for creative embroidery is available as separate modules or at a very attractive bundle price, which includes the following components:
one price - all the functions

BERNINA Toolbox – a real boost for your embroidery

Amazingly easy to use for even more fun with embroidery: our new software for designs, lettering, and monograms gives you almost limitless creativity from the very start.

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BERNINA Toolbox Tutorials
  • Hoop Setup and View Menu

    Hoop Setup and View Menu

    Learn how to select the hoop, change the zoom factor and work with the design information.
  • Combine Designs

    Combine Designs

    Combine designs with each other to create new designs.
  • Lettering - Different Shapes

    Lettering - Different Shapes

    Use different baselines to create your text.
  • Create Monograms

    Create Monograms

    Choose letters, add a decoration frame and stitch out your monogram.