Picture: ADXSupportPackage2012



BERNINA Embroidery V5 - new AdxSupportPackage2012


ADXSupportPackage2012 for BERNINA Embroidery Software V5:
Com ports for BERNINA 185/180/170/165
New driver for BERNINA aurora V2.8.24

Every computer may be assembled and configured differently, which may mean differences from the messages and figures shown here. The different configurations may affect the behaviour of the BERNINA Software in each instance. 

Brief Description

The ADXSupportpackage2012 re-enables data transfer to the BERNINA 185/180/170/165 in the embroidery software V5.

The new aurora driver V2.8.24 re-enables data transfer to the BERNINA aurora.


To allow you to install ADXSupportPakage2012, it is essential that the following requirements be met: 

  • One of the following operating systems (32 Bit or 64-Bit)  is installed on your computer: Windows® XP SP3 / Windows Vista™ SP2 / Windows® 7 (SP1).
  • A functioning BERNINA Embroidery Software V5.0W (SP2) or V5.0X (SP3) is installed on your computer.
  • You have Administrator rights for your computer.

Picture: ADXSupportPackage2012

Information as to which BERNINA Embroidery Software V5 version is installed on your computer can be gleaned from  'Help – About…'  from the main menu bar of your installed BERNINA embroidery software.

Installation instructions

Step 1:
In the download area, click on the file AdxSupportPackage2012.zip  in order to start the download process.
Step 2:
Open the file AdxSupportPackage2012BDV5.zip
Step 3:
Click on the file AdxSupportPackage2012BDV5.exe
Step 4:
Follow the instruction on the screen.