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Bernina support MES Outreach Organization

Linda Venter from BERNINA RSA conducted a two days intense product skills training with these 6 incredibly eager to learn ladies from MESS Shelter in Jeppestown Johannesburg.

The new sewing and overlocking machines are going to make it so much easier for them to sew quality items that they can sell at different markets in order to obtain an income for the shelter as well as for themselves. 

The learners could not believe the ease of operation on these new machines as they have only worked on old machines that have been donated to the shelter.

Tarryn Evenwel, the Fundraiser for Churches and Outreach Coordinator wrote:
“Hi Linda, I wanted to say thank you for everything you did this week for the shelter clients on the sewing initiative and training them on the new machines. The ladies honestly felt like they had been in sewing university and how you corrected mistakes they have been making. How you showed them to sew better pockets and do quality control. They have been sewing up a storm since the machines arrived at the shelter, they are excited about the market this coming Sunday at Rosebank Rooftop Market.”
BERNINA wishes them all the best for selling at the Rosebank Rooftop Market and know that they will be successful in the sewing ventures.