BERNINA support Sewing at Schools

Roodepark School on the West Rand in Johannesburg, and BERINA South Africa have a long history of working together to improve the sewing skills of learners, and to develop their skills further in order for them to have a bright future in the garment/fashion industry.

BERNINA South Africa and Roodepark School, presented a sewing workshop for learners to equip them with sewing skills that they can use, once they leave school.

During this particular workshop, they learned how to care for their sewing and overlocking machines, and how to properly thread the overlocking machines. 

Due to the practical nature of this workshop, the learners were all able to actively participate, which increased the fun part of the training. 

Roodepark School is focused on preparing children for life after school. Learners are given the necessary knowledge to manage their own businesses or working in the clothing industry.