Machine Embroidery Workshops in KZN

Agnes Smit, the National Product specialist for South Africa, visited Natal where she, jointly with two BERNINA Dealers, conducted machine embroidery workshops. This proved to be a huge success and the participants were all in agreement that they learned many techniques and went home with lots of creative ideas.

“On 9 &10 May 2023, we at BERNINA Ballito, with the input of Agnes, hosted our Embroidery Workshop. We had 2 days of fun”. So say Tanya van Wyk and her team.

Different subjects were covered, ranging from embroidery machines, stabilizers, fabric, correct threads to use and embroidery software.

There were practical demonstrations on how to use the machines to be highly creative and machine presser feet and hoops to extend your creativity to the maximum. The crowd were wowed that embroidery machines can also do quilting in the hoop, bobbin work and using couching feet. 

All agreed that all machine embroiderers can only benefit when adding the embroidery software to their range of products.  It is so versatile and easy to use and will take their embroidery to the next level.

At BERNINA Durban, the success story continued. On 12 and 13 May 2023, Durban customers had the opportunity to attend their embroidery event. Here customers were so enthusiastic that more turned up then originally booked.

The customers were full of enthusiasm and excitement, and even though most of them didn't even know each other before the event, they bonded together by the end of the day.

Some of the attendees didn't have embroidery machines, but by the end of the day their wish lists definitely reflected one in capital letters.

“We are thrilled with the turnout, excitement and motivation from our customers. We look forward to organizing more successful events like this in the future”.
Says Debbie, Sean and the team from BERNINA Durban