Picture: Foot of the Month

Learn what presser feet can do

Get to know the various presser feet and get motivated to invest in presser feet according to your needs. Every month specified sewing and/or overlocker presser and/or accessories will be promoted.

Starting 1 March 2021

Every month the use and application for specific presser feet  or accessories will be discussed. Presser feet and accessories on sewing and overlock machines will be included depending on the subject or technique handled.  The specific foot or accessory will be offered at a 10% discount for the month in which it is featured (as long as stock lasts).  
  • Every month a small hands-on project will be available as a free download
  • Every month a list of promotion items will be available as a download.
Share your creative application of the presser foot and/or accessory on the SewMuchFun Facebook page and get inspired by the creative applications of others. (https://www.facebook.com/groups/509632242871981 )