Foot of the month

Foot of the month

Using the correct Accessory makes everything perfect!

From feet to bobbins, a well-designed accessory will improve your sewing experience.

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Watch this video to see how precise BERNINA presser feet are manufactured!
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A variety of accessories and presser feet or soles come standard with each model, but as your creativity expands, your need for specialized accessories and presser feet / or soles will increase. As a result, a host of innovative presser feet and accessories have been developed.

Foot of the Month!
Each month a specific accessory or presser foot will be covered and presented in the form of a small Hands‑On project. Instructions for the project as well as a list of Promotional Items, in the form of free PDF downloads, will be posted the 1st day of every month. The items as specified in the Promotional Item list will be available at a 10% discount for the specific month only.

Please share your your own application/project using the Foot of the Month information, on the SewMuchFun Facebook page.

CLICK HERE to see the entire range of BERNINA accessories and presser feet

CLICK HERE to see the entire range of bernette accessories and presser feet

1 March 2021: Hands-on Project- Buttonhole foot #3

1 April 2021: Hands on Project - Postcard Foot notes #72

1 May 2021: Hands on Project - Postcard Foot Notes #16

1 June 2021_ Hands on Project - Cording Foot

1 July 2021 Hands on Project - Piping and Beading Feet

1 August 2021 Hands on Project - Open Embroidery foot

1 September 2021 Hands on Project - Lap-Seam foot

Promotional Item of the month