BERNINA QuiltMotion/ QuiltMotion Touch

The Ultimate Quilting Experience

BERNINA QuiltMotion/ QuiltMotion Touch – your professional quilting studio

BERNINA QuiltMotion/ QuiltMotion Touch is your entry to automated quilting: design, create, save, edit and quilt to the highest standard of precision. Enjoy the benefits of a professional automated quilting system in the comfort of your own home. Quilt your masterpiece with ease as QuiltMotion/ QuiltMotion Touch takes your idea from design to reality.

Picture: BERNINA QuiltMotion/ QuiltMotion Touch

QuiltMotion/ QuiltMotion Touch Designed for BERNINA

BERNINA QuiltMotion/ QuiltMotion Touch has the hardware and software you need for ambitious quilting projects. Together with your BERNINA, the BERNINA Quilt Frame and your PC or Windows Tablet (depending upon product level purchased), it provides you with a professional quilting station that leaves nothing to be desired and ensures impressive results.

Adding the QuiltMotion automation to your BERNINA Quilt Frame gives you the stitch perfection you are looking for in your quilting projects. No other machine/quilting frame combination offers the simplification and seamless work flow process that BERNINA does. QuiltMotion, combined with the unique engineering features of the 8 Series and 7 Series machine models, offers exclusive functionality not found on any other machine using “generic” QuiltMotion.

Picture: BERNINA QuiltMotion/ QuiltMotion Touch

QuiltMotion Touch Software - The Power of Touch

Simplify your quilting process by combining the machine automation of QuiltMotion with the design and layout functionality of the QuiltMotion Touch Software. All of the necessary quilting controls are at your fingertips in one easy location: a tablet PC attached to the machine carriage. Simply touch to select the motif to quilt, touch to place the motif on your quilt, and touch to begin the quilting process. It's that easy!

All the advantages of QuiltMotion plus:
• All Inclusive, Flow-Through System
• Easy Pattern Selection and Creation
• Simplified Pantograph Creation
• Compatible with most Windows Touch Tablets
QuiltMotion Touch also combines the unique engineering features of the 8 Series and 7 Series machine models to offer exclusive functionality not found on any other make of machine using “generic” Quilter’s creative Touch software.

Picture: BERNINA QuiltMotion/ QuiltMotion Touch

Packages and Requirements

QuiltMotion Software Package Includes:

• All the hardware needed to drive the carriage automatically
• QuiltMotion Software to create, place, and modify quilts or pantographs
• Easy-to-use LCD screen
• QuiltCAD —powerful pattern design software
NOTE: Compatible with most BERNINA models, PC required

QuiltMotion Touch Software Includes:

• Universal mounting hardware for Microsoft® Windows® tablet
• BERNINA QuiltMotion Touch Software
NOTE: A Windows touch-screen tablet (not included) is required for use with QuiltMotion Touch Software.

Minimum Requirements for QuiltMotion Touch Software:
• Windows 7 or 8 , 1.2 GHz or higher, 1 GB RAM
• 500 MB of hard-disk space
• Display resolution of 1024 x 768 or greater

Picture: BERNINA QuiltMotion/ QuiltMotion Touch

BERNINA Quilt Frame

Imagine the sense of accomplishment as you complete even your largest quilt projects with ease. The BERNINA Quilt Frame in combination with your favorite machine provides the space to make even the most complex quilting projects achievable.

The BERNINA Quilt Frame offers different setup sizes, created with a modular system. The frame fits a variety of BERNINA models, with the most quilting space being offered on the 8 Series and 7 Series machines respectively.

BERNINA Quilt Frame