Bild: BERNINA launches the new 5 Series and presents recipes for success for DIY sewing enthusiasts

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BERNINA launches the new 5 Series and presents recipes for success for DIY sewing enthusiasts

With the new 5 Series, Swiss sewing machine manufacturer BERNINA is introducing three modern sewing machines combining premium quality and top design. For the launch campaign, which goes under the title "Sewing Recipes", this traditional brand has been completely reworked. BERNINA has been given a makeover.

Making things yourself is more fun according to the credo of the do-it-yourself generation. It is a declaration of individuality. Sewing enthusiasts today work with pleasure and confidence. Their reward is compliments from friends, relatives and the online community. Traditional Swiss company BERNINA has recognised this and is offering its customers probably the most valuable ingredient for making successful creations – top-class, innovative sewing and embroidery systems.

A dress à la BERNINA 530

On a dull, rainy day, take four metres of silk from India, a pattern and several pieces of grandma's chocolate cake, create a gorgeous dress and reap countless compliments. This is a recipe suggested by BERNINA in the new campaign. The main ingredient is the new BERNINA 530. The basic model of the new 5 Series is the smart sewing machine for high creative standards. It offers absolute stitch control for more than 140 stitch patterns. The proven BERNINA Free-Motion System, which allows the presser foot to be raised free-hand and the memory function, which can store individual stitch combinations, plus the modern LCD display, offer all the convenience of a high-quality BERNINA product.

Quilt creations in the style of the BERNINA 550 QE

Spend five relaxed, friendly evenings with the quilting club, blend 389 sharp turns and 64,478 regular BERNINA Stitch Regulator stitches according to the old family tradition, drink a few glasses of locally-produced apple juice and conjure up a unique quilt as an engagement present for the daughter of the house. This is the BERNINA recipe for people with families and for quilters. The secret of success in this case is the new BERNINA 550 QE (Quilter's Edition). This is the specialist machine for outstanding patchwork and quilt creations. With top-of-the-range accessory, the BERNINA Stitch Regulator (BSR), included, absolute stitch control is possible. The BERNINA Stitch Regulator detects the movement of the fabric using an optical sensor and regulates the needle movement to create an absolutely regular stitch effect. The B 550 QE comes with over 180 stitch patterns.

A creative feast for the eyes with the new BERNINA 580

A third recipe has been written for the BERNINA 580: Take two pattern pieces and lots of embroidery designs, enjoy a child-free day, also twelve glasses of lemonade and seven pancakes and, with the help of a Swiss sewing machine and lots of imagination, transform two little fairytale lovers into a fairy and a wizard. This recipe is easy and is guaranteed to succeed with the B 580. The top of the new range is multitalented and the perfect companion for a wide range of sewing projects. The embroidery module is included as a standard accessory. Over 100 embroidery designs are already stored on the hard disk of the sewing machine. The B 580 also has other impressive high-quality features: a modern colour touch screen allows intuitive operation and, with the memory function, over 200 personal stitch combinations can be stored and retrieved whenever they are required. With this sewing and embroidery machine, fairytale creations can become a reality.

Looking good

As with all BERNINA sewing machines, the 5 Series models are made from high-quality materials, guaranteeing robustness and a long service life. The special manufacturing quality is reflected, among other things, in the precision of each stitch and in the high piercing power. Even several layers of thick fabric are penetrated easily by the needle. Leather and canvas can be sewn effortlessly.

The models of the BERNINA 5 Series have many technical features to simplify sewing and embroidery. These include the semi-automatic needle threader, the button sewing program, the sliding speed control, but also the USB port on the B 580. The sewer's own embroidery patterns can be transferred onto the sewing machine via a USB stick and processed directly on the screen. As with eating, the eyes play an important role in sewing. During the development of the 5 Series, great importance was therefore placed on the combination of modern design and advanced technology. The products coming out of Steckborn should not only fulfil their purpose, but should also suit the creative lifestyle in terms of their form and design.

Ingredients for success, made in Switzerland

BERNINA also follow a recipe for success: "We take the needs of our customers seriously“, says CEO Claude Dreyer. An extraordinary passion for quality and a strong innovative drive have been the ingredients for success at the traditional Swiss brand since 1893: BERNINA – made to create.