Bild: The new BERNINA 3 Series - the sewing machines conquers the catwalk

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The new BERNINA 3 Series - the sewing machines conquers the catwalk

More and more women are following the motto ‘Create rather than consume' by sewing their own clothes. At the end of March, BERNINA will be launching three sewing machine models that are perfectly attuned to the needs of the new generation of do-it-yourself sewers. The BERNINA 330, 350 and 380 combine typical BERNINA robust quality and ease of operation with catwalk-worthy looks.

Countless blogs and Internet platforms such as as well as trendy fashion magazines can't be wrong: needlework is ‘in'. In the USA, BERNINA's main market, a wide-ranging segmentation study identified a potential of more than 11 million young women who are interested in fashion and who are keen to create their own fashionable garments. At BERNINA, these young women are referred to collectively as ‘Amy'. They are 30 years old on average, have six to ten years' sewing experience under their belt, and sew at least once a month. BERNINA's new machine range, which will be available in German and Swiss specialist shops from April 2010 onwards, is exactly tailored to Amy. "All three models offer the ease of operation desired by beginning sewers, and wow users with technical features that help them achieve success easily, even with ambitious sewing projects", according to Head of Marketing Claudia Staber. What's more, these new models boast stunning looks.

For Amy, sewing isn't a household chore, but a pleasure. The experience of creating something herself and then wearing it fills her with satisfaction. "Sometimes I have a spontaneous idea and then I simply must turn it into reality", confides (for example) the 22-year-old Sinje Lübbke, who writes a blog under the name of ‘Hausmaus' in which she records her sewing, embroidering and knitting experiences. The BERNINA 3 Series systematically takes on board the change in attitude in the target group. The Swiss company has a reputation for manufacturing innovative and exceptionally durable products. With the BERNINA 330, 350 and 380, these traditional qualities are in keeping with a design that radiates emotion. All three models were shaped by the renomned German design studio platinumdesign.

Especially worth highlighting is the BERNINA 380, the flagship model of the new range. Its ambitious design, with its piano-lacquer fascia polished to a high gloss, underscores the BERNINA brand's claim to premium quality. The functionally justified directness of the design is tempered with sweeping lines and slight curves, so that the machine creates a simultaneously classic and pleasantly approachable impression. The real-black display, integrated into the fascia in terms of colour and design, is ideally placed in ergonomic terms – at eye height, near the needle area. A flush-fitted, generously sized carrying handle lends the 380 mobility. The handle twists up with a simple flick of the wrist. In its folded-in state, it serves as a stitch-card holder (illustrations of up to 115 different stitch patterns which can be selected via a three-digit number combination).

Sewing with the BERNINA 380 is a sensual pleasure. "Users touch nothing but high-quality materials such as polished stainless steel, satiny non-metallic surfaces, and especially pleasant-to-use soft-touch keys", says Ulrike Laubner, Product Manager at BERNINA. Inside the machine, cutting-edge technology in manufacturing quality ensures that nothing stands in the way of creativity. A semi-automatic threader, the automatic buttonhole function, rapid stitch selection via direct-selection keys, the free-hand system (with knee-operated presser-foot lift), an especially brightly illuminated work area thanks to the LED sewing light, and an extension table for optimum project management take sewing ease and convenience to a new level. All 3 Series models have alphabet stitches, and hence the ability to write. These catwalk models have inner values!

The recommended retail price of the BERNINA 380 is EUR 1399 (B 350: EUR 1199; B 330: EUR 999).