Multiple-spool-holder extension

Multiple-spool-holder extension

For quick access & thread changes

  • For use with the multiple-spool holder
  • Very beneficial for multicolored embroidery motifs
  • Better untangling of difficult yarns
For quick, efficient sewing: the Multiple-spool-holder extension is a help with beginners’ projects and challenging sewing endeavors alike. The BERNINA Multiple-spool holder has room for up to 15 different thread spools. This supplement allows you to accommodate additional thread colors and hold them at the ready. This is a great boon, especially with sewing and embroidery designs with multiple thread colors.

The Multiple-spool-holder extension attaches easily to the side of the spool holder itself, and is just as easy to remove when no longer needed.  The Multiple-spool holder makes the thread path longer, allowing the threads to untangle before they reach the start of the sewing process.

Order your Multiple-spool-holder extension for efficient sewing and embroidering today!
Not all models and accessories are available in all countries. We reserve the right to make changes in both features and design.

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