Bild: Sustainability


Sustainability is not just a trendy buzzword. BERNINA advocates economic, environmental and social sustainability.

BERNINA places great importance on sustainability and the environment in its business practices. Environmental burdens such as emissions and waste are minimized as much as possible. 
The BERNINA group considers the preservation of natural resources in all its activities. Resource consumption is avoided and reduced in order to minimize the environmental impact of emissions and waste from all business activities. Any unavoidable waste is recycled or disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. Natural resources are conserved; even in the planning stages, the environmental aspects of products and organizational projects are taken into account. BERNINA regularly publishes information detailing the environmental performance of the company.
As a family-run company, BERNINA is committed to conducting business in an economically sustainable and future-oriented manner. Thus BERNINA reinvests a large share of its cash flow into the development of new products.
Sewing has a lot to do with sustainability, as BERNINA employees have learned from their steady dialogue with customers. Those who sew for themselves instead of buying fashions or accessories want durability and authenticity. For these individuals, BERNINA manufactures products that are characterized by real value and provide their owners with dependable service for decades.